Bulldog Doesn’t Care For His New Life Vest


Each time I go into the pet store to buy a new leash or some dog food, I am baffled by how many different toys, accessories, treats, and health products there are for animals! The thing that confuses me the most, however, is the crazy amount of dog and cat clothing they have for sale.

Now, I’ll admit: I have tried to put my dog in an adorable Santa costume at Christmastime, and even a little pumpkin suit on Halloween. Once I finally got them on her, she looked so insanely cute…for about two minutes, because that’s how long it took her to viciously rip them off.

That’s the reason the sheer amount of clothing options available for pets baffles me, because I have never known a pet to actually like them and keep them on! (With the exception of the adorable corgi who can pull of a suit better than most men.)

Sadly, this video is not going to be the one that proves my theory wrong, because it is not an adorable dog loving her brand new life vest. In fact, it is the exact opposite of that.

On the other hand, maybe I do know why they sell so many clothes: strictly for the purpose of getting these absolutely hilarious videos!

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