Bulldog Puppy Is Ridiculously Excited About His New Bed


Chunk, a 4-month-old English bulldog puppy, just got a new bed, and he can barely contain his overwhelming excitement.

Leaving behind his tiny bed, Chunk doesn’t waste any time jumping and pouncing on the new memory foam bed. This playful little puppy is so cute, and his owner caught it all on tape. It’s impossible not to feel the little dog’s joy!

After all that celebrating, the puppy has to take a breather. But it isn’t long, until he’s back romping around. No doubt, he’ll wear himself out soon and then, he’ll actually be able to use this fluffy new bed.

While Chunk seems to be enjoying the extra room he’ll have to spread out, it’s only a matter of time until he gets even bigger and tries to squeeze himself into the tiniest dog bed!

Next time the family is looking for a new bed, they’ll have the cutest bed tester! There really are no words to describe just how adorable this playful pooch is. This is what pure happiness and joy looks like. Just watching this video, you can start your day with a good laugh. This cute little pup playing is guaranteed to make you smile!

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