Bullied Dancer Is Breaking Stereotypes After Dance Videos Broadcast online


Lizzie Howell is a talented young dancer who has been mistreated several times overweight.

Years ago, he was bullied by her peers, but he never stopped hunting for his dream. She wanted to be a dancer.

Despite her weight, she posted a video of her dance online that quickly became an online sensation. There were those who mocked her, but at the time, Lizzie realized that she was a role model for many in the world.

In the video, Lizzie proves that if we do something with our hearts and a desire to succeed, we can overcome all boundaries. He says that when he dances, he can express all the good and bad feelings.

Jordan Matter,Youtube

Take a look at cute Lizzie Howell’s dance, which proves that everything is possible in life, even if it’s full. We need to keep going and believe in ourselves.



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