Bullied Teen Boy Uses Selfie Stick To Create A Powerful PSA


Millions of kids are bullied every single day. Ryan Wiggins is one of them. The 14-year-old teen from Hertfordshire, Britain suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Kids at school are merciless, labeling him “nerdy” and “gay.”

Ryan could either suffer in silence or speak out – and he chose the latter. We love it when kids stand up to their bullies, and Ryan does so in an extremely creative manner. In the short film “Tomorrow,” Ryan takes us through a typical day: waking up, getting ready, taking his meds, and ultimately being brought to tears by the hardships he faces just during his usual routine.

​”Will there ever be a time when I’m finally happy?” he asks.

When he gets home from school at night, he’s not even free from the assault of his bullies. His phone lights up with texts from unidentified numbers. What they tell him to do is utterly unspeakable, but this is the type of thing that happens in middle and high schools everywhere, every single day.

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