Canadian Bank Thanks Its Customers In The Most Amazing And Surprising Way.


TD Canada wanted to say thank you to their customers this year in a way that felt truly “unique, personal and distinctive”, and oh boy did they!

The bank went above and beyond. Not only did they offer free coffee to their customers, but they also transformed their ATM into what they called an “automatic thanking machine,” surprising a few pre-selected customers by dispensing unique gifts to each and every one of them.

Typically, when you go to the ATM, you’re losing money from your account. This bank wanted to just give back to their customers, and it was great.


(Source: TDCanada)

These days most headlines about banks make you consider storing all your money at home, under your mattress, so it’s really nice to see a financial institution do something like this, even if it was just for a few of their customers. This would be a bank I would trust (at least to be appreciative of my account).

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