This A Cappella Cover Of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor


The Binghamton Crosbys are an a cappella group founded in 1982 at Binghamton University. The all-male singing group are four-time national finalists and one-time winners, for pretty obvious reasons. These guys have got some serious pipes, and boy, do they put them to use in their completely a cappella rendition of Led Zeppelin’s 1975 hit song “Kashmir.” It’s even better than this viral a cappella version of “Hotel California.”

There are no guitars, no drums, no bass — it’s all the guys’ pipes, but if you close your eyes you wouldn’t know it. The group is able to capture every note and even the rock-and-roll spirit and edge of Led Zeppelin (although it’s hard to light a candle to the rock legends, these guys are pretty good).

The Binghamton Crosbys are known for their traditional blazers and clean-cut aesthetic. It’s a stark contrast from the 1970s long hair and lead singer Robert Plant’s typically bare chest — yet somehow it all works together to create a beautiful cover of the song. You’ll want to be sure to watch this one all the way to the end; the lead singer brings the audience to a roar as he brings Plant’s lyrics to life with a few of his own personal touches!

Enjoy this outstanding a cappella cover of “Kashmir” and SHARE with your family and friends if you think they’ll love this, too!



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