Carol Burnett Sings Beautiful Version Of ‘Send In The Clowns’


Everyone knows that Carol Burnett is one of the most hilarious women of all time, and just about everyone knows that she’s an incredibly gifted, talented, and smart woman who has inspired countless comedians over the generations, but did you know that she had a singing voice equal to some of the greatest to grace the stages of Broadway?

While The Carol Burnett Show was a comedic variety show well known for some classic and beloved sketches, like the famous “Went With The Wind,” hilarious movie parody. There were also some captivating and serious vignettes that broke the hearts of everyone who has ever been lucky enough to see them.

One such moment was the classic scene shared between Burnett and Korman. He’s going out to get married, and the body language of Burnett pretty much says it all.

She wants to tell him she loves him, but as he leaves through the door she begins to sing none other than the famous Sondheim classic “Send in the Clowns,” from A Little Night Music.

Burnett, usually known for her comedy, comes into this moment like no other actress before or after her. The pure emotion she expresses during this entire piece is absolutely stunning to watch, and by the end of this famous song, the audience was left in tears instead of the laughter they were expecting!

The song itself is a bittersweet moment sung by a woman who realizes that throughout her whole life she was the fool surrounded by her foolish friends, wants, and dreams.

Burnett captures that sombre moment with such impressive clarity that she really highlights what a “variety show” really was meant to be.

Please watch this amazing moment of television history.

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