Cat Gives Huge Great Dane A Deep Tissue Massage


They say cats and dogs can’t get along because they are mortal enemies but this video proves that is not always the case! The adorable cat in this video appears to be a massage therapist because he knows the exact areas where his friend the Great Dane is tense. As Jack gives Bella the massage of her life, you won’t be able to help but laugh!

Jack climbs right up on Bella’s back and begins giving her an intense massage. Evidently, he knows she has had a rough day and needs to unwind and destress. Hopefully, Jack is not using his claws during this deep tissue massage or Bella might not be too happy! What a loving pair these two are! Bella never has to worry about her back going out because Jack always keeps the muscles nice and limber so she has no pain. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook with others.



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