This Cat REALLY Wants To Go Outside But There’s SO Much Snow. What He Does? Ha!


For what started as a fairly mild winter, folks in the Northeast portion of the United States have sure been blasted with tons and tons of the fluffy, white stuffin the past few weeks. Parts of New England have beensnowed in for days, schools have been closed, and people even have snow drifts piled higher than their front doors.

Lest you think that a little (a lot) of snow would keep an indoor/outdoor cat from going out to frolic, however, there’s this awesome video uploaded by YouTuber James Gilfoy to prove that even snow can’t stop his feisty feline from getting his paws wet.

In the video, you’ll see as Gilfoy’s pet kitty Rudiger sees a nearly impossible task in front of him. Any other cat would simply walk away and wait for a warmer day to go in search of that illustrious bird-chirping sound. Not Rudiger though.

Rudiger will not be stopped by the several feet of snow that stands in his way (literally in the shape of Gilfoy’s front door. The cat starts to scratch at the white fluffiness, looking first to tunnel his way to freedom. Before long, however, the cat realizes that tunneling will not be the way to go.

Frustrated and covered in snow, Rudiger steps back, sits on his hind legs, and surveys the situation.

“There’s only one way out now,” he thinks. “I’m going for it!”


And with that thought, the cat leaps into action, trying his best to jump over the snow pile in front of him. His outstretched claws grab for something – anything – to grasp onto, but alas, the snow crumbles and he jumps back to the ground, defeated. He tries one more time, but it’s no use.

Luckily for Rudiger, his human loves him enough to pick up the cat and place him on top of the snow so he can explore, which he does for a few seconds. He savors the sound of that elusive chirp, far off in the distance, looks away, and walks back toward the house.

I assume he retreated inside for a nice cup of Kitty Cocoa, but I guess we’ll have to wait for James Gilfoy to upload another video before we can know for sure.

Good for you, Rudiger. You are one determined kitty.

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