Cats refuse to empty mixer box for over 2 weeks so owners contact company


Pet owners are ready to do anything for their pets. Making your furry friends happy and caring is a top priority, and sometimes it takes extra effort. Jessica Gerson-Nievs and her husband Nicky Gerson-Nievs are so devoted to the three cats that the cats refused to remove the box stuck in their new mixer, so they went so far as to contact Vitamix.

Jessica and Nicky have been wanting to buy a Vitamix mixer for a long time, which they finally bought during their Black Friday sale. When the box arrived, Jessica placed it on the kitchen floor for a moment. As soon as the cats noticed the box, one of them immediately jumped on it and refused to land. According to the owner of the cat, at any moment one of their three cats sits on the box.

Jessica and Nicky loved their cats so much that they didn’t throw them out of the box. After a few weeks, when the cats refused to leave, the owners began to doubt whether they could use the new mixer. In desperation, Jessica contacted Vitamix via Facebook and asked if she could send three more empty boxes. The third number was important because he needed one for each cat.

The article for Vitamix was published on January 2, 2022 and has already received 15,000 likes and 4,000 comments. Keep reading to find out more about this funny story.

Jessica Vitamix shared her story on Facebook hoping for a reaction. He wrote in his article:

“We are faithful servants of a triple cat named Max; George, destroyer of the world; and Lando Calrissian. Seconds after we inserted the Vitamix box, we opened it, and just a few minutes before we were happily using our amazing new mixer, Max noticed the box (also known as the sensitive soccer ball) and guessed that the box meant for him. and immediately jumped up. . It was the beginning of the end.”

The owner of the cat added: “That moment was two weeks ago, and since then there have been at least one or even two cats in the Vitamix box. both embarrassed and sorry.

Jessica made it clear that she was not trying to get a free product. He said: “No, we are writing on an unfamiliar but much cheaper request. You there – I can’t believe I’m really asking – you all want to send us three (this number is very important because we have three cats and he us needed again. Since we need a cat, we hope to get a real mixer) a box) an empty box of Vitamix?”

Vitamix shared the story of Jessica and Nikki on their Facebook page and it looks like they actually shipped the box!



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