[Caught On Camera] Heroic Dog Leads Cops To His Injured Friend! My Jaw Dropped At 1:15.


Here’s an amazing lesson to always take the road less traveled. An Alaska State Trooper was responding to a call about a house fire when the GPS in his cruiser froze up and he was at a crossroads about that to do. That’s when he started to drive down a road he normally wouldn’t believe was safe. There he found a dog who looked distressed and he knew what he had to do. It’s safe to say the majority of people would just brush off the animal as a stray and keep rolling, but something told this officer to follow him. The dog shocked the officer with how fast he was running and he knew that the dog was on to something…

What happens around 1:15 in completely shocked me. About a mile and a half after following the dog, right there in the middle of the remote woods, with no other houses in sight was the house burning to the ground. Inside was the dog’s owner who had accidentally ignite flames while working in his garage. His last words to his loyal dog, Buddy, were “go get help” before the dog set out running. I’m completely in shock by this amazing story. This just proves how tight the bond between man and his best friend truly is.

I’m so grateful for this animal’s incredible instincts. What a hero! Please say thank you to this brave dog and the officer who followed him. SHARE this video.





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