Chihuahua Plays Dead The Second He’s Picked Up! Truly An Oscar-Worthy Performance.


While a dog doing the old “play dead” trick isn’t exactly something to write home about, the little guy in this video is DEFINITELY worth seeing…

According to Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson, who posted the following video to her Facebook page, the older man sitting in the chair is her father and the owner of the dramatic little Chihuahua. The tiny pup feels so at home and content sitting in dad’s lap that anytime anyone else picks him up out of his comfort zone, he resorts to his animal instincts and does something absolutely ridiculous.

Now, if you’ve ever seen a dog “play dead” before, you know that this is some top-notch acting. For a moment there I was actually very worried that the little guy wasn’t actually breathing, but just as soon as panic sets in, he pops back up like nothing ever happened. So hysterical!!!

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