Child Gets Into The Spice Cabinet And Finds Something Tragic


Most parents know about the obvious dangers around the house – the kinds of things you want your kids to stay away from: knives, power sockets, etc. Unfortunately, there are dangerous items in the house that we don’t always consider. One mother learned a tragic lesson when her son got into the spice cabinet and choked on powdered cinnamon.

Not too long ago, the “cinnamon challenge” hit the internet by storm. People of all ages tried to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon in under a minute. The challenge is virtually impossible – people who attempt it typically cough up the cinnamon and are unable to swallow.

Four-year-old Matthew Radar’s life was tragically cut short when he got into the cinnamon container in his home. His mother had no reason to think that cinnamon could be dangerous. Unfortunately, when he breathed in the spice it cut off flow of air into his body, and within moments it was all over.

Matthew’s life was tragically cut short, but his mother has taken it upon herself to warn others of the dangers of cinnamon. She worries that young kids performing the “cinnamon challenge” may be putting themselves at risk for no good reason. Just remember to stay safe out there, and put spices where children can’t get to them!



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