Chipmunk Gets Very Jealous When His Favorite Girl Talks To Other Chipmunks


Web giant The Dodo, which has hosted several animal videos, recently posted a video on its YouTube channel that can follow the unusual friendships.

The author of the video made friends with a wild chipmunk and several times recorded their meeting on camera.

The author of the video, Borzhany, has a very friendly relationship with a chipmunk named Charlie. The animal always responds to his call, and his answer shows that he is more than pleased with Borjana’s company.

Their friendship continues to be that Charlie quickly becomes jealous if Borjana talks to other chipmunks in the area. The video caught the attention of many animal lovers on the web, with over 3.5 million views on YouTube alone.

Take a look at the wonderful friendship between the squirrel and the author of the video that has captured the hearts of many online users today. Will the stage brighten your day?



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