Guy Dumps Fridge Off Cliff In Nature, Then Police Shows Up To Deliver Justice


From Almeria, Spain, here comes a video in which we can see a completely arrogant act of a man.

He drove a couple of refrigerators near the cliff with a van, then dumped one by one in the nature. Such an act is, of course, illegal!

Fortunately for many, the man in the clip quickly got a lesson! The Spanish police drove past, then ordered the man to get all the discarded items back on the road himself.

In addition to a quick lesson, he also recived a ticket that will make him think more often about the consequences of his actions. He was fined with 45.000 euros ($ 49,945).

Now, officers have also raided the company where the man is employed. They found 50 washer machines and 20 refrigerators that should have been removed a long time ago.

Police officers are likely to punish the company as well, since it is suspected that they have been polluting nature already in the past. Lesson learned? Watch how the police filmed the scene of a man pulling fridge back on the road on his own…

Source: klipland



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