When we Have Kindness in our Hearts, There Will be Change


The kindness of one town just changed this man’s life.

Earlier this month, the members of the Peregrin Evangelical Church in Ferreñafe, Peru banded together to help Don Luciano Chumán, an 83-year-old who spent years wandering the village’s streets looking for a safe place to stay.

He was without a home for so long, he had not bathed or even changed his clothes for several years.

His life story was nothing short of tragic. But the people of Ferreñafe couldn’t stand idly by anymore.

Together, they gave Chumán a shower to clean him up and new clothes to keep him warm.


They gave him cash to help the man get on his feet, helped him receive much-needed medical care at a local hospital and arranged for social services to provide the elderly man with a steady stream of food.

They saved his life.

Photos of the man’s transformative makeover were uploaded to the town’s community Facebook page, where they were quickly picked up by several national and international news outlets.

Now, Chumán’s helpers are being hailed for their heroic and selfless actions — and news stations are using this community’s charitable actions as a prime example for how other cities should help those in need of food and shelter.

Check out the awe-inspiring before and after photos, below, and learn how you can help those in need over at the National Coalition for the Homeless.

This was Mr. Chumán before…


…and this is him now.


The people of Ferrañafe banded together to help him get back on his feet.


They bathed and fed him…


Cut his hair…


…and set up services, such as medical care and food donations, to help him live comfortably.


They changed his life.

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