Compilation of news bloopers from 2015


Being a news anchor requires an immense amount of poise and composure, as well as the ability to think on your feet when something doesn’t go quite as planned. The nature of live news programming creates a lot of opportunities for mistakes, however, and even the best and most-seasoned news anchors are bound to mess up from time to time.

Sometimes those mistakes are absolutely hilarious, so the YouTube channel NewsBeFunny created a compilation video of some of their favorite funny moments from the 2015 news year, containing everything from Freudian slips, to fits of on-air giggles, to hilarious cameos from bystanders.

The video was published to YouTube on Dec. 11, and it has already been viewed over 4.8 million times, which speaks to the power of schadenfreude, or taking pleasure in other people’s pain or misfortune. Many people find it unpleasant to make mistakes in front of others, but having the privilege of watching others make harmless mistakes is a whole different story.

If you enjoyed this compilation video, you might also enjoy NewsBeFunny’s Part 2compilation of news bloopers as well as their “Best Weather News Bloopers” from this past year, both of which can be seen on the NewsBeFunny YouTube channel.



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