This Is So Cool And Easy. Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This To Their Home?


Finally, a way to make glowing shelves without having to expose your household to extreme levels of radiation–and a relatively easy one, at that. On his blog Shinium, Mat Brown, who typically sticks to designing modern jewellery, explained how to make incredibly awesome glowing wood shelves. For as cool as these things look, they’re actually not that difficult to make. Take a look at how it’s done!

First, you’ll need a piece of wood with some surface imperfections: cracks, knots, and holes.

Now it’s time to make the mix the resin.

Don’t forget the pigmented resin that will give your shelves the glow you’re looking for.

Here’s how it should look when it’s all mixed together.

Tape the bottom of any holes or cracks so what you’ll be pouring into it stays put.

Before you pour anything in, make sure the surface is level.

Start pouring! Check back in an hour to make sure you’re not dealing with any leakage.

Keep it coming! You’ll want to let it be for at least a few days before you move on to the next step.

When it’s all nice and hardened, remove all of the tape and start sanding.

When you’re through sanding, cover the wood with about eight or nine coats of your favorite oil finish.

When the finish is dry, your shelf is now ready to hang.

Now all that’s left is to wait for the dark and enjoy your hard, but probably not as hard as you would have thought, work.

And after that it’s back to work! You can never have enough glowing shelves. Never!


(via Shinium, H/T PiximusColossal)

Now all you need is cool stuff to put on those shelves!

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