Cop’s Touching Act Of Kindness For Disabled Man Goes Viral


Deputy Nathan Sims had no idea the cameras were rolling when he sat down at a bus stop in Victorville, CA next to an old, disheveled gray-haired man.

The man was waiting for the bus in a wheelchair under the sizzling 100-degree desert sun. Deputy Sims sat down and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes sweetly conversing with the man before his bus arrived. Not only did he keep the man company, but he also helped escort him safely onto the bus once it finally arrived.

So touched by the scene unfolding, a witness named John wrote a letter of praise to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department supervisor, Sgt. Jerry Shelton. “The scene led my thoughts to believe that the deputy was paying honor and respect to this gentleman, almost as a friend would, perhaps just keeping him company as he waited for the bus to arrive.”

“It happens much, much more than you would think,” Shelton said of Deputy Sim’s kindness. “Nobody ever sees that part.”

Check out the incredible photos below…

A passer-by couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a deputy sit down at the bus stop next to an old, disheveled gray-haired man. Deputy Nathan Sims spent 40 minutes conversing with the man who was waiting for the bus in a wheelchair under the sizzling 100-degree sun. The Deputy kept the man company and made sure he safely made it onto his bus.



The passer-by, John, also snapped a photo of this thoughtful citizen stopping to offer water to both Deputy Sims and the elderly man in the steaming California heat.


The Deputy made sure the man’s bus arrived, then safely escorted him on. Deputy Sims, who has been with his department 3 1/2 years, stresses that police men and women are people first, then officers.


After John sent the photos to the County Sheriff’s Department supervisor, the department shared the photos on their Facebook page. The story is now going viral.


People all over the country are sending messages of gratitude and praise for the kindhearted officer who has been with the department nearly four years. He had no idea a camera caught the entire scene. “I didn’t know it was going on but I’m glad, just so that my partners and everybody as a whole can benefit from it,” Sims says.


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