She Couldn’t Afford To Buy Her Son a Cake. Then a Stranger Did the Unexpected…


In the midst of all these miseries and anguishes around us, what we need are good people who have the big heart and courage to make a big difference. We don’t need to become famous and rich in order to make the initial step. Small act of kindness will do like giving someone a free ride, sharing your extra food to others and extending your help to those in need.

Just like this inspiring video. A grandma cannot afford to buy the special cake that her granddaughter wished to have. But a stranger, who just happened to be on the same store, unexpectedly bought the cake for her. But that’s not the only astonishing and inspiring part of the story.

Watch the full story and find out how it ends.


I might sound ridiculous and a little bit corny talking about these things. But in reality, these simple acts of kindness are what we need right now. Let us not wait for the spoils of rich people who only care about how they can live their lives extravagantly; Or for politicians, whom we have elected by the way, to extend a hand to those who really need their support and help, they are busy fattening their wallets from people’s money of course. We live in a very unfair world. And whether you like it or not, there will be predicaments around us. These things will never go away. We just have to embrace and face them with the help of our family, friends and even strangers.

We need to start doing good things to others. We need to start spreading and communicating to everyone the positive effects of doing these good things. Who knows, you might even influence someone to do the same thing to another. Let’s spread kindness, let’s make it contagious.

Share the video and consider it already as your simple act of kindness. Who knows, you might touch other people’s heart because you have given them the chance to watch this inspiring story.



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