Couple Films Adorable Timelapse Of Their Twins’ Pregnancy


When Adrien and Stephanie found out they were pregnant with twins, they decided to take the traditional baby announcement a big step further. Together, the expectant parents created an epic time-lapse of the most important moments of the nine months of pregnancy leading up to the birth of their twins, Leo and Chloe. In a fun and playful way, we get to watch the belly grow, the family announcements, the gender cake reveal and the prepping of the nursery… and it doesn’t hurt that the couple takes full advantage of the fact they live in France, using the Eiffel Tower as their backdrop. Yes, please!

We’ve seen pregnancy time-lapse videos before — you know, where Mom and Dad take a photo every day and and then edit the photos together for a cool stop-motion effect — but this might just be one of the best we’ve ever seen. We get a profile view of Mom holding a blue balloon as she appears to suck the air from it and into her expanding baby belly. Once the balloon is fully deflated, she’s ready to reveal the beautiful bundles of joy that arrive at the end of the video.

The video is such a sweet, charming tribute to two lovely new babies. Please enjoy, and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!



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