Cowboy Shares The Importance Of Saving American Mustangs And Their Habitat


I have always been fascinated by horses; in a way, they’re just like dogs, tending to man and coming in all shapes and sizes. But one of the most beautiful and mysterious horses? The American mustang.

Over the many years, the home and habitat of these wild horses has slowly been chipped away at, and their numbers have been dwindling. They used to roam free, on an unlimited amount of lush land of the Heartland, but now they risk being slaughtered or sold for financial gain.

But now, organizations are seeking to change the tide of the mustangs’ fate. Saving American Mustangs is an organization providing safe sanctuary for the thousands of wild horses. Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary combines the luxury of a resort vacation with the possibility of seeing the beautiful creatures in an up close and personal way without encroaching on the mustangs’ home. The sanctuary is home to at least 600 mustangs.

Cowboy Clay Nannini works at the Mustang Monument, and is passing on the value of preserving the mustang to his children.

He tells GoPro, “I can attribute most good things in my life back to horses.”

He stresses the important the horses have to the country, as part of a cultural legacy and a symbol of freedom.

He adds, “Without the horse, who the hell knows where we’d be. They really are a part of our history. We came west on their back.”

Watch the incredible GoPro footage of Clay interacting with the wild creatures.

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