Cows May Be Adorable And Friendly Farm Animals, But They Aren’t The Smartest.


We often find ourselves in tricky predicaments, with no one to blame but our stupid selves. Sometimes alcohol is involved, but we’re still dummies. We may not know how we got into these messes, but we’re always thankful when we escape from them.

As dumb as we sometimes feel, at least we aren’t as dumb as cows. Seriously, they have a real problem

1.) Like this pregnant Lincolnshire red who found her way into a sticky situation.

SN / Landov

The curious cow popped her head into the World War II pillbox. She was forced to wait 4 hours for help due to swelling.

SN / Landov

Firefighters came in and a veterinarian sedated the understandably anxious animal.

SN / Landov

They were able to set her free using special equipment.

SN / Landov

2.) Apparently, this kind of thing happens all the time.

3.) Cows just can’t stay away from sticking their heads where they don’t belong.

5.) Maybe we should be worried…

7.) Cow, you’re not even trying, here.

9.) Where did you even GET that??

10.) Cows…they gonna cow.


(via BuzzFeed.)

Thanks to her rescuers, the Lincolnshire was able to make a full recovery and is expected to deliver her calf in February. Let’s just hope the child doesn’t take after the mom here. (Judging by the Tumblr, though, these cows are doomed to be dummies.)



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