The Craziest Thing Was Causing This Man’s Nose Bleeds. It’s Horrifying.


After three years of regular nosebleeds, this Saudi Arabian man was finally fed up enough to go see a doctor. During this visit, it was discovered that the thing causing his many nosebleeds was something no one expected.

It was an extra tooth. Most people would probably think that an extra tooth growing in someone’s mouth couldn’t cause a nose bleed… and they are probably right. This man’s tooth wasn’t growing in this mouth. It was in his nose.



Yeah, that’ll explain the bleeding.


Hamed O. Al Dhafeeri, Abdulmajid Kavarodi, Khalil Al Shaikh, Ahmed Bukhari, Omair Al Hussain, Ahmed El Baramawy. American Journal of Case Reports


The centimeter-long tooth was removed from the man’s nose, but unfortunately there’s nothing they can do to get rid of his memory of the moment when he found out that he had a tooth where he definitely shouldn’t have.

(via livescience)

Remember: never pick your nose in public. You just might find an extra tooth up there and freak out in front of a bunch of people.

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