Curious Dog Digs Up A New Crabby Friend At The Beach


We all try to be the best pet owners we can. We feed our pets high quality food, make sure they are well groomed, take them for check-ups at the vet, and make sure to spend ample time giving them all the love and attention they could ever want. In return, we want a pal that will be there for us no matter what, and someone to come home to each and every day.

It sounds like the perfect relationship, and it is…once you get some initial training out of the way. With some dogs, you have to break them of the habit of chewing on your shoes. Others need a little more potty training before they stop using your rug as a bathroom. Then there are the diggers. Some of these pets dig for fun, while others bury their bones just to dig them back up. Sheila, the dog in this video however, has a reason to dig…and it’s not looking for an old bone.

Like the pup who dug up a Purple Heart medal in her backyard, Sheila knows just what she is looking for when she begins digging her hole in the sand. And it may surprise you to find out that all this work was done in an effort to find a friend to play with for her day at the beach…even though it has claws and doesn’t seem to want to play with her nearly as much.

Regardless of what this crabby playmate wants, Shiela’s face is one of pure happiness!

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