He Cut A Perfect Circle In His Old Chair…But The Reason? BRILLIANT!


To many pet parents, including me, dogs are like our children. We want to do everything we can to ensure they live their lives as comfortably as possible.

We love seeing the many different ways people customize their homes for their dogs. And since I have a soft spot for senior dogs, this particular DIY project is something I’m seriously thinking of incorporating into my home. It’s called the DIY Dog Bowl Chair, and it’s a great way to elevate feeding bowls for larger breeds like Great Danes, dalmations or mastiffs, or for senior dogs who would otherwise strain their necks while eating and drinking.

Recently, The DIY Village user Jacque posted a step-by-step tutorial of his brilliant project, and it’s so good we wanted to share with you. These photos show how easy it can be, even for the novice builder, to transform old wooden chairs into something totally helpful and sustainable for our four-legged friends who could use an extra boost. The result? A pair of adorably up-cycled chairs, and one very grateful canine companion.

First, he sanded down the chairs to remove an oils that could hinder staining them. You can do this project with any old wooden chair that may need some love and care.


He used the dog bowl as his pattern and then drew a second circle just inside the first one. “The 2nd circle will be my cutting circle, this space will create a lip for the bowl to rest on, instead of falling through!” Jacques said.


Time to break out the saw! This chair was almost sent to the garbage dump; it had a cracked seat and a missing support rail. Now, it’s being put to amazing use!




From hip dysplasia to torn ACL’s, this amazing up-cycled idea makes it way easier for older or injured dogs to enjoy their beloved meals.


Now the chair is now ready for word art and/or decorative touches you might want to add. Then, staining.



See? Canine approved!


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