Cute Shiba Inu Acts As A Store Clerk In Tokyo


Well, here’s something you definitely don’t see every day…

It’s pretty hard for us to find an animal “first” here at Little Things. From this gorilla who transcends animal attractiveness to little doggies who have found interesting ways to carry their pups, it’s safe to say that we’ve just about seen it all…until now.

There’s no denying that the Japanese are more advanced than other countries when it comes to things like technology, but I had no idea their pets were pretty advanced as well. In the following video, which was posted to YouTube by Miki Kotevski, we see a camera roll up to a tiny convenience stand, where a small dog is quietly resting. Then, as soon as Miki gets closer, the dog pops up behind the counter and is suddenly at their service.

The dog, named Shiva, “works” at the stand, which slings everything from cigarettes to cucumbers. In the video’s description Miki wrote, “This Shiba Inu has brought more people together from across the world than most politicians and other figures will ever be able to.” And it’s not hard to figure out why! This tiny dog isn’t just helpful and well-behaved, he’s much friendlier and cuter than your average clerk.

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