He Cuts Through A Carton Of Ice Cream, But Wait Till You See Why! I Am Trying This Tonight!


As a kid, one of the greatest pleasures of summer had to be visits from the ice cream man. I could open up our freezer at any time and grab some ice cream, but there was something so special about buying it from the man in the truck. And every time, I would get the exact same thing — the Chipwich ice cream sandwich. There was nothing better!

I still remember the sheer panic that ran through my body when I heard that catchy tune coming down the block, only to realize that I didn’t have any money. I ran as fast as I could into the house to find my mom, screaming “ICE CREAM MAN” as though my life depended on it. As soon as she handed over her wallet, I bolted out the door, racing after him. Devouring that delicious dessert was the best part of the day.

So when I saw BuzzFeedFood’s video demonstrating how to create a perfect ice cream sandwich at home, I was really excited. With only ice cream, cookies and a sharp knife needed, its undeniably very simple. But the brilliant little trick is cutting through the ice cream carton so that you get perfectly round slices every time. How clever is that!

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