She Cuts Into Her Old T-Shirt. The End Result? I Had NO Idea!


got some old T-shirts lying around? Me too! And here’s an awesome way to “upcycle” the ones you’d otherwise throw out or never wear again.

MetroParent is here with a quirky, cool and easy project. Make your mom, sister, co-worker or friend a customized scarf or necklace, simply using an old T-shirt! This cool, cheap and creative gift is a perfect DIY project for anyone, because you don’t even need a sewing machine (which is great for me, because I don’t know how to sew). All you’ll need? An extra-large T-shirt (or a few, depending on how many colors you’ll want in your scarf) and a pair of fabric scissors. Easy!

After you cut strips along the width of the shirt, you stack them and cut through them in one place so that you have long strands of cuts. Then, anchor the strands under something heavy, and braid down the length. Watch the video for the specific step-by-steps.

It only takes minutes to turn an old T-shirt into an adorable scarf, so get goin’ — and pleaseSHARE this video tutorial with your friends on Facebook!




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