THIS Is How She Cuts Her Potatoes… And It COMPLETELY Changes The Way They Bake!


Baked potatoes are not only delicious, they can also be a very fun customized meal because of all the different ways they can be dressed. In other words, they’re perfect for kids! But if you’re like me, baking a potato usually means cutting a single slit lengthwise through the potato. And this single crevice is used to hold all of the cheesy, bacon-y, sour creamy goodness. But what if we wanted to take our baked potatoes to the next level? What if we want even more delicious toppings, and more crispy potato bits? Check out this step-by-step guide by The Gunny Sack on how to make bloomin’ baked potatoes! Who knew that a few careful cuts could lead to so much more deliciousness?

1. Grab a potato and slice the top off.


2. Using a small knife, carefully cut five or six concentric rings (the number of rings will depend on how big the potato is) inside the potato.


3. Flip the potato over and begin cutting all around the potato, as if you were cutting out the rays of a sun (avoid cutting the centre!).


4. Flip the potato again and you should see the all the sliced up sections you’ve now created!


5. Drizzle your potatoes with olive and some salt.



6. Bake the potatoes for about an hour… here she is at 30 minutes!


…after one hour!


7. Now add some shredded cheese on top and continue to bake it for another five minutes.


8. Take a look at that!


9. Add whatever toppings you want! Bacon, sour cream, garlic butter… my mouth is watering just thinking about this!


Source: The Gunny Sack / Metaspoon

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