Dad Was Asleep On The Couch. But When Baby Starts Falling, Watch His Reaction — INCREDIBLE!


Fatherly figures are truly one of the greatest gifts a child can have.

They often do all they can to protect you, like the one incredible father who stepped in to take care of his daughter’s bullies at school. They’ll also try and do anything to make you smile, like the father who did something extraordinary on his daughter’s wedding day.

If you need any more proof of how awesome dads are, just watch the compilation video below.

The video, shared by America’s Funniest Home Videos, shows 17 dads who truly saved their children from what could’ve been an absolute catastrophe. These dads used their one-of-a-kind protective instincts and seriously saved the day.

At the 1:08 mark, for example, you see a dad holding his one baby in one hand, and pushing his other child on a swing. Seconds later, his kid flies off the swing. Thinking quickly, the father is able to grab him right before he hits the ground. Talk about a lifesaver!

Another dad didn’t even have to be awake to step in and save his baby. At the 2:06 mark, he’s sleeping on the couch until his baby starts to take a tumble. When I saw what he did, I couldn’t believe how in tune with his fatherly instinct he was.

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