Dad Catches Her Eyes Filling With Tears. The Reason She Cries? AMAZING!


When it comes to sad movies, two-year-old Raegan can’t hold back her emotions. Recently while she was watching “Chipmunk Adventure,” this toddler became overwhelmed with emotion by the storyline, as the the Chipettes care for a baby penguin who got separated from its mother.

Raegan’s dad captured his compassionate daughter’s reaction to the emotional scene, writing: “When I noticed my young daughter getting emotionally absorbed in the cartoon she was watching, I set up a camera to record her. And the results are just adorable.”

In the film, the Chipettes learn that a baby penguin has gotten lost, so they decide to head to Antarctica to get the baby reunited with his mother. As they sing the song “My Mother,” Raegan’s lip quivers and she soon has tears streaming down her cheeks. Then, at 2:10, when the story finally gets a happy ending, the two-year-old girl loses it, bursts into happy tears and lets out a little sigh. Aww! What a sweet little girl.

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