Dad And Daughter Spend Weekends Together Creating Awesome Trick Shot Videos


When you work five days a week, those two days off are hardly ever wasted. Sure you might use them to catch up on sleep, get the chores done, or run some tedious and time consuming errands, but you fill those days up with things to do since you finally have the time.

The best days off are the ones that are spent with family and loved ones, whether you need to catch up after a long week with a friend over drinks, or play all day outside with your kids.

Many working parents use the weekend to take their kids on fun outings, but the dad who made this video, Rhett Dashwood, uses his to create fun things with his daughter.

Like the skateboarding dad who combines his work with having fun with his son, this dad uses his skills during his fun weekends with his 6 -year-old daughter, Riley.

Being an award-winning creative director might be the reason why Rhett decided to make this unique video with Riley, but by looks of it, they continued filming because of how much fun it was!

The result, is an awesome video that is quickly going viral, that they will be able to cherish forever.

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