Dad Didn’t Like Cats, and The Security Camera Captured Wonderful Moments


A video has been posted on YouTube of a South Korean father stealing all the attention.

At first he was against cats, but after his son brought these animals to the apartment, everything changed.

냥큼한 친구들 Sweet cats,Youtube

According to the author of the video, the father in the video is categorically opposed to ever having a cat. However, the son dared to adopt several cats and soon collected a photo of his father’s answers.

CCTV cameras recorded several times in the apartment that the father was very worried about the cats and could not resist playing with them. If at first he was cruel to cats, then after a while everything changed completely.

The video racked up nearly Two million views on YouTube in just a few days, and his father surprised many animal lovers with his reaction to the cat. Take a look at the scenes collected online today!



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