Dad Says Newborn Baby Was Put Up For Adoption Without His Knowledge


Baby Kaylee was born on November 4, 2015. Her father, Colby Nielson, was under the impression that Kaylee’s mother was allowing him to raise their daughter. Now, Colby is fighting for his baby and begging to have Kaylee back. You see, Kaylee’s mother relinquished her rights to friends of her parents, and Colby says he had no idea his two-week-old daughter was being put up for adoption!

This heartbroken dad says he thought he took the appropriate steps by filing for paternity and amending the birth certificate. But his lawyer is slamming the Utah Adoption Law, which apparently allows for mothers to put their babies up for adoption without notifying the biological father. Thus, Colby is obliged to give up his own daughter.

This puts Kaylee in the middle of a heartbreaking case of he said/she said. Officials say Colby needed to file a paternity action, an affidavit and a commencement notice with Utah’s vital records at least one day before the mother signed the adoption papers. Colby claims Kaylee’s mother only gave him a few hours of warning, leaving him little-to-no time to take these steps.

In the video below, watch as Colby tearfully explains the gut-wrenching situation he’s now facing. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through right now.

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