Daddy Starts Playing Bon Jovi And Discovers His 8-Month-Old Baby’s Hidden Talent…Wow!


File this next video under “A” for absolutely adorable!

We just can’t get enough of babies getting down and shaking it to their favorite songs. Remember the baby who bounced up and down to Beyonce’s iconic “Single Ladies?” Or how about the little girl who was caught in her kitchen showing off some seriously sassy moves to Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk?” There is simply nothing cuter!

So when these parents captured their adorable little 8-month-old little girl rocking out with her dad on the guitar, they had to know they had a viral hit on their hands!

Growing up in the ’80s, Bon Jovi’s music was the soundtrack of my youth. With their long hair and good looks, they were the “It” band. So when I saw this baby’s reaction to her dad’s rendition of their 1986 hit “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” I could definitely relate!

This dad starts to play the guitar and sing to his daughter and her reaction is just priceless. This baby is channeling that era with these head-banging moves. All that she needs is the bad perm, and she could easily be the frontman of an ’80s hair metal band.

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