Dad’s Antics Get A Rise Out Of His Unborn Child


It’s perfectly normal for pregnant mothers to feel their baby move around in their belly. In fact, most mothers will say that those moments – where they can feel their baby kick, twist, and squirm – are the most rewarding of the nine months of pregnancy. Fetal movement is most common during the third trimester, when things in the womb start to get a little crowded. And because the baby is growing bigger and stronger, their movements are more noticeable and a bit more jarring.

In the video below, a very pregnant mother relaxes on the couch while Dad makes playful noises on her tummy. When Dad blows a raspberry on her belly, the baby is quick to react, leaving the soon-to-be-parents in a fit of giggles. Check out the brief clip and be sure to let us know your thoughts and feelings about it. Do you remember moments like these from pregnancy? Did your baby do a lot of moving in the womb? If you enjoyed the video, please share it on Facebook!



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