These Dancing Puppies Are Sure To Melt Your Heart!


When dogs tilt their heads when we speak, it’s undeniably cute. So we dare you not to smile when you see these five cute pups do it in unison.

In a video uploaded to Imgur, five Alaskan malamutestilt their heads from side to side together. Their precious facial expressions are really what make this video something special.

Hypnotic music plays in the background, as they turn their heads, and it’ll likely put you in a trace! Don’t worry if you end up watching this video more than four times in a row — I sure did!

According to Steven R. Lindsay’s Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, when a dog listens to your voice, he’s trying to identify tones that he associates with a reward, such as going on a walk or receiving a treat. The muscles of their inner ears are controlled by the same part of their brains that’s responsible for facial expressions and head movements. So, when we see them tilting their heads, it means they’re not only trying to hear us better, but are actively showing us that they’re listening as well.

Does your dog tilt their head when you talk to them? Tell us below in the comments.

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