Why You Should Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Need To Wear Makeup To Feel Beautiful



Every woman is beautiful. Every woman has something special, unique and defining about her. Every woman is perfect in her own regard; yet few women decide to show themselves that way.

In a world where media outlets dictate what hair color, body shape and bust size is deemed acceptable, more and more women are conceding to the media’s idea of beauty, giving in to the styles, trends and illusions it wants us to portray, rather than staying true to ourselves. We go to work with eyeliner, fake lashes, piles of blush and foundation. I must ask, why? For whom? For ourselves?

As teenagers, many girls already start applying the popular colors and cremes, going to school as “grownup” versions of themselves. They ask their moms to let them start wearing bronzer and mascara, so they, too, can get the attention of the boys.

From an early age, they start believing they are only whole when masked by a layer of makeup and concealer. They think beauty is in the way they can draw on a cat eye and perfectly apply blush on the apple of their cheekbones. But what about the girls who didn’t wear makeup in high school? Isn’t there beauty in that?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with women who wear makeup, I wear it myself, and many times I do it for myself. I do it so I can present the best version of myself and have the confidence I wish I was born with. However, I’ve been starting to pull away from that, wondering: If women stop wearing makeup, will there be a liberation?

The one who doesn’t wear makeup is a certain type of woman. Many times, yes, she’s the woman who is so flawless she doesn’t need anything, but so describes many of the women who wear makeup. Many of the women concealed by caked bronzer and heavy eye shadow have delicate skin and perfect features. So why hide behind pounds of cosmetic binding? The girl who doesn’t wear makeup isn’t afraid to expose her true self, the face she was born with.

The woman who doesn’t wear makeup is not a better woman, just a different type of woman. She’s a woman who doesn’t give in to societal pressures or the allure of a “sexier” image. She doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror, but rather, uses that time for other things. She’s confident in a different type of way. She’s the girl who really doesn’t give a f*ck and doesn’t care if you’re offended by her inability to apply bronzer.

She’s the woman who feels no shame walking into work just the way she woke up. She’s the woman who you can go to bed with, knowing exactly what she’ll look like when you wake up in the morning.

She’s the woman who needs more respect, because she’s bold enough to not wear makeup every day and that’s why she’s the perfect girl to date. (Of course, all these reasons are not to say women who wear makeup don’t possess these qualities, as every woman is beautiful in her own skin, whether she recognizes her self as so or not.)

This is the appeal of a woman who doesn’t wear makeup:

She’s comfortable in her own skin.

She accepts her imperfections.

She doesn’t need compliments or flattery to feel worthy.

She’s too busy to take the time to apply eyeliner.

She’s got good genes.

She’s confident in herself.

She’s easy to wake up next to.

She’s not worried about her mascara fading.

She travels light.


She can go skinny dipping without looking like a raccoon when it comes time to dry off.

She’s not always staring at herself in the mirror.

She’s accepted her least attractive version of herself.

She’s never going to pretend to look like someone else.

She’s not scared of what men think of her.

She doesn’t search for acceptance in anyone but herself.

She doesn’t let her beauty define her.

She doesn’t get upset when she’s missing lipstick.

She looks her age.

She doesn’t make you guess what she really looks like.

She can get caught off guard and not care.

She doesn’t take hours to get ready.

She doesn’t spend her money on tubes and compacts.

She’s not worried about smudges and smears.

She can go to the beach and not look like a stranger.

She finds beauty in the untouched.

She makes people feel comfortable.

She’s not afraid to show you her true self.

She’s not competitive with other women.

She seems simple but has many layers.




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