Day Car photographed dogs before and after calling them good boys and girls


Every day at Fitdog Athletic Club foster dogs have an amazing experience, from the moment they arrive until they return home. They love to play and have fun with their friends. However, as their comrades discover, what really brings them joy is recognition for good behavior and conduct.

The idea came from Megan Rowland, a marketing specialist at the Fitdog sports club. Came to life in the shortest possible time.

“I thought it was a way to show off my dog to all my followers,” she shared.

His plan was simple; A dog was photographed at a daycare center before and after the children were praised as boys and girls. While it may seem like a concept, the results are truly priceless.

“The results exceeded our expectations,” Rowland said. “No one can. The look on their faces made me melt with cuteness.”

Before receiving this compliment, most dogs have some sort of expression on their face. However, after these words were spoken, these puppies were unable to do so. Always open your smile.

This exciting experiment serves as a reminder to all owners; Don’t forget to shower your favorite furry companion with words about being a good boy and girl as often as possible. The joy he brings is so contagious that it spreads to everyone.



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