Dedicated Pet Owner Builds ‘Dog Mahal’ For His Three Lucky Dogs


It’s amazing to me the lengths some pet owners will go to to ensure their animals are not only happy, but properly pampered. Such is the case for the lucky pups you’re about to meet.

The man who runs YouTube channel Highway 20 Productions lives in Alaska with his canine brood. “Our poor doggies didn’t have the best shelter available,” he describes in the video. “So I decided the build them a wonderful heated doghouse, which would last a long long time.” Thus, the “Dog Mahal” was created as a nod to the famous Taj Mahal… because only the finest for our four-legged friends 🙂 The Dog Mahal features a covered heater, a cedar bed, a wooden deck, and swinging doggie doors. In the video below, a stunning time-lapse condenses the 25-hour-long build in just three minutes.

Of course, the dogs absolutely love their new doghouse, especially the heat lamp and the insulated interior.

Sadly, Jake — the big black lab seen waiting patiently for Dad to complete the construction — passed away in 2015. It’s wonderful to know he got to enjoy his Dog Mahal before he died.

If only all dogs were treated like this… and were blessed with such handy owners! Please SHARE this awesome creation with your friends on Facebook!



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