Elvis Presley Sings A Beautiful Gospel Tune In His Final Performance On The Ed Sullivan Show


They sure don’t make mega rock stars like this anymore! When Elvis Presley went on The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1957, no one was ready for this incredibly heartfelt and honest performance.

At that time in his career, Elvis was receiving a bit of controversy due to his suggestive, hip-swaying dance moves, so when he made his third and final appearance on Sullivan, CBS censors decided to shoot Elvis from the waist up to avoid offending any of the viewers at home.

But that’s not the most interesting fact about this vintage video. So often Elvis’ life story seems to gloss over his humanitarian efforts; but in this inspiring video Elvis sings the beautiful gospel tune “Peace in the Valley,” and he dedicates the song to the people of Hungary who were suffering in the wake of a 1956 anti-Soviet revolution.

Elvis expressed the importance of fighting against communism, and that’s when Sullivan joined in and implored the viewers at home to donate and support the Hungarian cause. Wait for the end after the beautiful song is done to see what Sullivan thinks about “The King.” It’s truly a beautiful moment!

Due to this heartfelt dedication, the people of Hungary actually named a city landmark after him and even made the blue suede shoe-wearing rock star an honorary citizen of their country!

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