Delta Airlines Baggage Handlers Honor Fallen Soldier And His Dog


One thing is for certain: we have a lot more respect for Delta Airlines after watching this video. Watch as Delta’s baggage handlers honor a fallen soldier and his K9 by unloading their caskets off the plane with a proper ceremony. According to 98.7 The River, this moment occurred on the tarmac in Atlanta and paid tribute to a soldier and his bomb-sniffing dog that were killed by an IED. The second smaller casket shown in the video holds the American hero’s brave K9 companion.

we had no idea that Delta did this and we’ll be a lot more inclined to fly them in the future knowing that they salute our country’s servicemen with such dignity. While we don’t know the identify of these fallen American heroes, we send our condolences to their families and thank them for their sacrifice. What did you think of this moment caught on film? Had you any idea Delta did this? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found it as honorable as we did.



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