Depressed Veteran Makes A Beautiful Wedding Dress Out Of Toilet Paper


When marine veteran Amber Mills returned from overseas to her Texas home, she not only began battling depression, but also multiple sclerosis. The mother of three felt like she was losing hope and purpose in life.

One day, Amber saw a rather unconventional contest online and decided to join. Whoever could make the best dress — out of toilet paper — would win a hefty cash prize. Inspired by her children, Amber found a sudden burst of creativity. In fact, her creation turned out so beautiful that she made it to the final round of the competition and ended up rediscovering a whole new purpose in life.

To make the glamorous dress, complete with a hand-woven white veil, Amber blended and laced together toilet papers, glue, tape, needle and thread. Her husband and kids watched her around-the-clock for months on end. “My husband thought it was kind of silly and ridiculous at first, until he saw how much I enjoyed it,” she says. “I’m excited at the idea of being able to create [a wedding dress] out of material people don’t expect.”

In the end, Amber came in third place and received a check for $2,500. Her kids are so proud of their mom for finding a new hobby that makes her truly happy and reduces stress in her life, and now people all over the country are marveling at her unexpectedly gorgeous creations.

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