Didga The Cat Does Dog Tricks


If you own or have ever owned a cat, you know that it is more often them that owns you. Their fierce personalities and stubborn disposition are really what make them cats. But sometimes those qualities can take you further than getting a constant back scratch or the comfortable spot on the bed…

Didga is a cat who uses her stubborn determination and channels it into doing something bigger…like showing the dogs whose boss.

If you have seen the video of Tara, the cat who won the “Hero Dog” award for saving a young boy from a vicious dog attack, then you know that cats will pretty much do whatever they can to prove that they take the cake when it comes to best pet.

Because pets like Didga have to fight off the stereotypes that are associated with being a cat — it makes them even more determined to show off how smart they can be, whether that is done by showing their humans what life is really about, like Nala the cat did for her owner, or justvoluntarily taking a bath to prove that they can handle water better than most dogs.

When Didga saw the YouTube video of a dog known for being the best at tricks, she knew she had to show him up. So, with the help of her dedicated owner and some pooch pals, that’s exactly what she set out to do!

You have to watch the video below to see for yourself just how many tricks Didga is capable of!

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