Dirty Dancing The First Wedding Dance Covers The Mouths Of The Guests


An old video of the bride and groom’s first wedding dance is circulating on the Internet again.

They danced in the style of the movie “Dirty Dance” and surprised all the wedding guests and many netizens with their performance.

Asian and Makek from Poland are the bridegrooms of this video, which has already become a real sensation on the Internet. As of today, YouTube alone has around 7 million viewers and you will really enjoy the newlyweds dance.

During the festivities, they danced to the famous song “Time Of My Life” from the movie “Dirty Dance”. Their performance is a real dance poem, in which there has never been a lack of goodwill.

Watch a stunning performance by the bride and groom who chose the song “Time Of My Life” from the hit movie “Dirty Dance” for their first dance.



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