They Were Disgusted By His Elderly Father, But How His Son Responds Will Make You Smile


There are few who gleefully anticipate the task of caring for an aging parent. But I would hope that most will agree when I say taking care of our parents when they get old would be an honor. After all, they are the reason we are here today.

According to Time magazine, in other countries, like China, there are laws put in place that require children to provide for the emotional and physical needs of their parents, which includes visiting them often or facing fines and potential jail time.

But it should not have to be forced. The care should come naturally like this young man.

The touching story below shows the power of love. A man brings his elderly father to a restaurant for dinner. But because the elderly man is older and weaker, he makes a mess of himself while eating. Inconsiderate customers of the restaurant watch in disgust. But the son disregards the onlookers and patiently helps dad clean up every little mess and stain. Other customers in the restaurant aren’t as patient, and continue to stare at the pair in an unpleasant manner.

However, when the man and his father were about to leave, one customer utters a very powerful and significant message. Undoubtedly, it leaves everyone speechless, and contrite.



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