Disney Characters Challenge Passersby To Epic Dance Offs And Shadow Games


Sometimes, taking a trip to the mall can be a huge chore, but a necessary one — maybe there is no other place where you can get all of your errands done all in one day. But fighting through long lines and careless crowds can be exhausting, so it makes sense that tons of people have opted for online shopping to avoid the mall for these very reasons.

But one day at a mall on Long Island, shoppers got a special treat while they were going about their business. While rushing from one task to another, customers pass by a backlit wall. At first it seems like it’s just their own shadows following them, but upon closer inspection? That’s not their shadow at all!

This team of pranksters pulls up to the mall with their sunglasses on and equipment in hand. While they may look like tough guys, their main goal of the day is to bring smiles to people of all ages who happen to be at the mall on this day. The question is… how?

They set up a wall behind which they set up some bright lights. They don some classic Disney costumes and patiently wait for the first person to stroll by. Once people start to realize what’s going on, everyone wants to be a part of it! From little boys and girls to business men and soldiers, everyone can find their inner child!

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