Disney’s Famous Scenes Recycled


Disney has been the iconic master of animated films ever since the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937. Since then, they have released a steady stream of films that capture the hearts of each generation, many going on to become timeless classics. From “Snow White” to “Sleeping Beauty” to “Beauty and the Beast,” there is a legendary cinematic tale for every age group.

Considering all the thousands of hours of footage Disney has amassed throughout the decades, it stands to reason that they’d want to make the most out of it. They have millions of animation cels (short for celluloid, the transparent sheet that animators used to draw on before computers started being used for animation), and none of their original art goes to waste. In fact, it’s re-used in a way you’ll be surprised to discover!

The short clip below reveals a little-known secret that ties many of the classic movies’ animation together. Watching it, you’ll see the same movements echoed over and over again – just with different characters in different movies! See how characters from “Robin Hood,” “The AristoCats,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and more share the same movements and actions – and believe us, they’re the exact same.

What did you think after watching the clip? Were you surprised to learn that Disney re-uses animation from one movie to the next? Let us know in the comments, and share on Facebook to let your friends in on a cool secret!



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