Disturbing Video Shows Heartless Woman Biting, Beating Her Dog on Public Subway


Punishing your pup is somewhat controversial. Should you punch them, or apply positive back up and redirection?

In the clip, the woman traveling in a Toronto subway chose to not only hit her puppy, but she bit him as well. As you can see, the dog desperately needs to escape after it is beaten.

Roxy Huang’s video was shot on 4th of August 2017. Huang thinks that drugs influenced the lady at the moment she was hitting the dog. When other travelers attempted to get the woman to stop beating the dog, she loudly lashed out at them.

At last three transit workers, responding to the protests, ushered the lady and her puppy off the train. No one knows if the woman will be charged for any animal brutality actions. But one thing is evident; she shouldn’t be permitted to own any creature.

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